When is the March?
The March is on Saturday, November 16, 2013.

What time does the March begin?
The march begins at 12:00 noon. Please arrive no later than 11:45 am to allow time to park and walk to Huizenga Plaza.

Where do I park?
Park at “The City Parking Garage.” The location of the garage is 150 SE 2nd St. (approximately one block north of Huizenga Plaza). The cost to park is $1.25 per hour. The parking garage has 2,000 spaces.

How much does it cost to participate in the March?
The March is FREE for all participants.

Where do I register up for the March?
You do not need to register for the March. All participants are encouraged to join 
our Facebook page

Where do we meet?
Meet at Huizenga Plaza in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Huizenga Plaza is a 1.8 acre park at the Southeast corner of Las Olas Blvd and Andrews Avenue at One East Las Olas Blvd., located directly on the New River/Riverwalk. Click the "Directions" tab on this website for directions.  You can also view the March route under the FAQ tab.

What is the purpose of the March?
The purpose of the March is to unite all advocates for animals so they can give voice to their respective causes in solidarity. In the process, advocates will learn about different ways to help animals and how to show compassion for all animals. Media coverage of the march may galvanize the public to think more critically about the decisions they're making and how they affect others. Finally, the March aims to serve as the first of dozens that will take place in every other state in the country that will culminate with a national march for all animals to prevent cruelty on a massive scale. 

What is the March schedule?
The march will begin at 12:00 pm with brief opening remarks from the leaders of various animal advocacy organization leaders and the event founder and organizer, Andrew Kirschner, at Huizenga Plaza. Following those remarks, the march will begin. You may also purchase food from our vendors at your convenience. We will also provide free food samples on a first-come, first serve basis.

What do we do during the March?
You can walk holding a sign or banner representing animal causes of your choice or you have the option to chant, sing songs, hold hands, and talk to others in the march.

What is the route of the March?
The route will begin at Huizenga Plaza and head east through historic Riverfront to the Broward Center for the Performing Arts (BCPA). We will wrap around 7th Avenue behind the BCPA and end at Huizenga Plaza. You can view a map of the route under the FAQ tab.

How long is the actual March?
The march is approximately 1.7 miles and will take approximately 30 minutes to walk.

Are children invited to the March?
Absolutely! We're hopeful many elementary, middle, high school, and college students will join us. It's very important that we inspire their generation to continue to advocate for animals.

Do I have to live in Florida to attend the March?
No, people who care about animals are coming to the March from all over the country. 

Are any organizations or individuals, including Andrew Kirschner, receiving compensation from March donations?
No, all organizers of the March, including Andrew Kirschner, are volunteers. All 100% of the money raised will be used to organize and host the march. Costs include printing of materials, programs, signs, police escorts, insurance, application fees, garbage disposal, media outreach expenses, event equipment, and more. Whenever possible, volunteers and in-kind donations have been secured to complete tasks to reduce costs. For complete details on how donations are spent, click the "Expenditures" link under the "Sponsorship" tab.

Will there be food at the March?
Yes, food trucks will provide 100% plant-based food for sale at the event. 

Do we need to make our own signs?
We will provide a few hundred signs but please make and bring your own if you can. Please bring extra signs for people if you have them or can make them.

Can I hold a sign or banner for an organization in the March?
Yes, absolutely. Your signs or banners can represent any organization that advocates for animals (i.e. GREY2K USA or Mercy for Animals) or any single animal issue (i.e. "Stop Eating Animals" or "Adopt, Don't Shop").

Can I volunteer before the event?
Yes, we need help passing out flyers to promote the March. You can view a list of upcoming events where we are scheduled to distribute them or distribute them on your own. Please contact Andrew Kirschner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sign up to volunteer and receive a stack of flyers in the mail.

How else can I volunteer before the event?
You can share our website through social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can invite your friends on our Facebook event page, and you can make signs. You can also ask your favorite animal rescue organizations to promote our event via email and social media.

Can I volunteer the day of the event?
Yes, we already have a team of volunteers stationed at tables handing out information from various animal advocacy organizations; however, we need additional help cleaning up after the event. We will have a dumpster at Huizenga Plaza where people can leave their signs for recycling if they don't want to take them home. We need help ensuring we leave the area as clean as we found it. If you would like to volunteer to be on the clean-up crew, please stay after the march and help us perform a clean sweep. You may also help us pass out posters and programs prior to the event starting at 11:00 am. You don't need to sign up to volunteer for these activities. Simply come early to Huizenga Plaza (11:00 am) or stay late. Thank you. 

Can we carpool?
Yes, you're encouraged to use the Facebook page to find people from your area to carpool.

What should we write on our signs?
People will come from all over Florida for the March to give voice to the issues that matter most to them. Your signs may represent your opposition to the circus, zoo, testing on animals, puppy mills, and animal agriculture or your signs may express your support for manatee and pelican protection, adopting from shelters, or supporting a farm sanctuary such as Florida's CJ Acres that rescues animals. 

Can I use a table to distribute literature about my animal organization?
We will have volunteers stationed at several tables handing out free leaflets to participants and passersby. This is not a VegFest or an AR conference though so we are not setting up tables for organizations; however, we want every organization to raise awareness about their cause so we encourage organizations to wear t-shirts representing their cause and to bring leaflets and other literature to leave at the tables for people to read. You're also welcome to walk around handing out your materials. One of the purposes of the event is to provide people ways to get involved help animal rescue organizations so feel free to use it as a free opportunity to do so.

Where is the nearest airport to the March?
The closest airport is Fort Lauderdale (10 minutes). Miami Airport is approximately 30 minutes and West Palm Beach Airport is approximately 45 minutes.

Can I bring my dog?
Animals will not be permitted in the march for safety and liability reasons. It does not make sense to bring dogs since this is a march for all animals. We want the people and their signs to represent the animals. Given the large crowd we expect, dogs barking at each other and people may cause unwanted distractions and safety concerns. We love dogs and all animals but we ask you to leave them in safe hands while you march. Thank you for understanding. 

How do I donate to the March?
There is a Paypal link on the website.

How will you spend my donation?
Donations will be used to pay for renting Huizenga Plaza, event insurance, police escorts, emergency medical services,  garbage disposal, speakers, application fees, printing of flyers, media outreach, and much more. Every dollar is accounted for and made public under our Expenditures tab under the Sponsorship tab. 

Do the police know about the event? Is it legal?
Yes. The event is approved by the Fort Lauderdale Downtown Development Authority and the City of Fort Lauderdale. We have paid City fees, purchased insurance, and completed applications to gain permission to host the event. The police will be present to ensure the safety of participants at the event. All participants are expected to treat the police with respect. This is a peaceful event to inspire compassion for animals. 

 Can we use amplifiers at the event?
No, since we will be passing retail businesses and restaurants, amplifiers will not be permitted. 

When should I arrive if I have been invited to speak at the event?
Arrive no later than 11:00 am at Huizenga Plaza.

What happens if it rains?
The March will take place rain or shine.

Where can I buy t-shirts, car magnets, and other March items?
You can find these items for sale by Cafe Press on the homepage of our website. 

What should I wear to the March?
Please dress conservatively. We want to send a positive message for the animals so we don't want to wear anything that will distract from the message. We encourage you to wear animal-related shirts or a March shirt for sale on our website. You may wear shorts or long pants depending on the weather and comfortable walking shoes.   

Are we marching on a busy street?
No, it's not possible. Unlike a place like New York City, there are very few busy streets in Florida. Busy streets like Lincoln Rd. in Miami can't be closed for a march because it will disrupt the businesses and the City will not permit it. As an example, we asked permission to march in Mizner Park and were denied access during business hours. We were told we can only march before 8:00 am. If we received permission to close streets, we would have to pay extra for police escorts and there wouldn't be any other people on the streets, including cars, because the streets would be closed. Many people don't realize you need a permit to march and you can't simply start marching in a busy location such as Atlantic Ave. in Delray Beach. It requires road closures to cross streets, police escorts, and fees and you can only gain permission when the businesses are closed to prevent negatively impacting their sales. These are city ordinances that are non-negotiable. As a result, we are marching in a safe location that doesn't require road closures and keeps our costs down.

How will people see us if we're not marching on busy streets?
Very few bystanders will see us the day of the March, however, the news reports, photographs, and videos of the March will travel through local media and social media and hopefully inspire people to take action to help animals throughout the world. Even if the streets were busy, we would reach a few hundred people. We have the potential to reach millions through social media.

What are the directions to the closest parking garage to Huizenga Plaza?
You can use the directions tab on our website for exact directions. From I95, exit Broward Blvd. east. Make a right on SE 1st Ave and a left into City Park Garage to park.  

What if I can't walk?
You're still encouraged to join us. You can eat food, listen to our guest speakers, and get to know the animal rescue organizations present and learn how you can help them.


Mission Statement

The march will unite people who work to help animals, calls on all people to join us in the fight against cruelty to animals, and aims to inspire others to show compassion for all animals.

The animals need your financial support. Holding a march requires police escorts, emergency medical services, insurance, printing, media outreach, recycling, and event location fees. Everyone who donates will be recognized on our Sponsors page. We believe in complete transparency; therefore, all expenditures for the March will be made public on our website.


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